Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Exile of the Black Horse

Could it be that our journey, having begun seemingly so long ago, could end in such a terrible way?

For many months I with my companions travelled many miles across the Red Lands under my determination to find the answer to my exile a such a young age. My life had been spent among a strange kind and though I loved them, the mystery was like a shadow is my mind all my days.

Yet, here it seemed to end as I stilled myself like a stone in the wet darkness of that cave holding my breath lest I be discovered and killed. Suddenly it became apparent that my friend had lost the battle and for the first time ever I was completely alone.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Brainworks for real.....

Not much painting going on this week. I sold four paintings last week and painted six more as well. I have switched focus to more creative works....writing a narrative for the black horse and second guessing myself way too much all the way around. I am doing some (yucky) marketing projects and also started a new background for an nebulous idea but mostly I just feel tired and introspective this week. This can be a good thing or this can be a bad thing for me. I have these whirlwind weeks of producing followed by a sort of recovery, which is where I am now. I suppose I become a little uneasy being away from more creative work for too I might loose my touch.

I am starting to look like Billy Idol (80's Idol) so I HAVE to get a haircut today.....I can mull some more while Maria does her hair magic......

....I leave you with one of Tom Chamber's beautiful photos:

You can see his work here:

Friday, February 08, 2008

Paintings of the day..


Art survey

In looking at a lot of art over the last week on the web and in magazines I am now thoroughly convinced that anyone can learn to draw and paint. There are so many artists doing the same thing and so few doing anything truly creative. Not to continue the ever present question of what makes art and is technical ability the same as being artistic because I think both expressions are valid, but how often do you see a painting and it really sits with you? You cannot get it out of your mind....ever. Not enough, I say...... I would like every person I know to name one work of art that impacted them permanently.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

painting of the day

Raspberry Tart


Tiny Seascape

Pretty good beginning to the end of a cold, now three days into the week.

I did a few small paintings and worked on the narrative for the black horse. A little stormy beach scene and a still life, both at 5" x 6"........
...hard start today, though, as it is about to really storm and I still feel a little tired. This sort of weather is always good for a nap......but I will fight it today! To the easel....

Sunday, February 03, 2008

After having such a great start to painting last week the remainder of a bright beginning has been thwarted by a cold. As of thursday I haven't been able to paint, yet I can't put a stop to the constant thoughts about everything and anything related to painting......arrgghhhh.