Friday, July 18, 2008

Quick to observe, slow to speak

The amazing Art Biz blog has a discussion going called "Deep Thursday: Questions or Comments that turn your stomach." There are many "amen" posts from artists of every discipline. A few of my favorites that I resonate with are:

"How long did it take you to paint that?" and

"Why don't you paint X, X is what really sells well."

My contribution to the feed the use of words like "cute" or "adorable" to describe my paintings. Kill me now.

I had an exchange with someone close to me that used those words. I told this person to please go back and look at the painting she was referring to as "cute." To take some time and process the image and resist the impulse to go with her immediate impression. This is a most unfortunate weakness in our current culture...this immediate assessment, a summing up based on preconceived ideas. Left brained, indeed.

My friend returned with a new perspective on that "aha" moment of enlightenment. And I am wonderfully thankful that the words "adorable" and "cute" no longer suited her interpretation.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I just discovered that I am an analytical person. Personality tests are fascinating and I have taken many over the last few years. A recent one I took shows the sections on your brain that you use the most and I was shocked to see how analytical and methodical I am. As with all personality traits they can be our worst enemy or our best friends. I am beginning to recognize that my tendency to analyze my artwork and all things connected to it easily becomes a trap to me and destroys my creative spark.....I'll have to work on that. More "just do it" and less "what about this?... .what about that?"

So, almost done with the current painting. This can go in many directions and I struggle with choosing ONE (analytical, right?) which will naturally mean the death of other choices. Could it also be that I am non-committal?!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Gallery Opening

The FCCA opening was last Saturday night. Many of my friends attended and we had a great time. I finally got to meet Steven Walker, a noteworthy Richmond artist who I have gotten to know via the web. He has a solo show hanging in the member gallery. I forget how encouraging it is to connect face to face with other artist. I don't get to do that often, so I came away inspired and feeling less alone. For me, painting is a rather solitary experience in every facet. I still have been unable to find a community of artist with which to ponder......

I decided to come off of caffeine and unwisely did it cold turkey which has created a miserable few days in which I have gotten little done. I have been searching for reference photos for "The Flowering Bull," my next painting and staring at a few unfinished smaller works waiting for more paint. It seems the final details are eluding me due to caffeine withdrawal.