Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Q and A

I am not a very good blogger, I guess. It seems the span of time between the entries is getting longer and longer. I have three paintings in the works now and plan to get back on them tomorrow. I was in Virginia Beach visiting with my sister and nephew the week before last. My attempts at painting last week were minimal at the most. I really felt "off" in the middle of a liver cleanse that brought on a lot of insomnia and weird sweating……..and now a downhill. I am talking myself into a corner today. All of the unsolved mysteries and unanswerred questions relating forever to the work seem to be rushing in all at once. I am having a difficult time putting them in their appropriate files because they are all screaming to be answered TODAY. It will be twice as difficult now to get my focus toward getting my game on.

Manassas Battlefield, Veteran’s Day