Thursday, February 19, 2009

Currently on the Easel and Update

We had really bad weather here yesterday, so this is the first opportunity to get an image of where I am on this.

Also, I had an idea for painting that I thought was already finished. This happens on occasion and the clear image came while I was running a few days ago. "Liar" resides on my bedroom wall, so I see it every morning. A wasp or two more to add and his story will be complete.

This afternoon, I am off to Alexandria for a meeting with the NVFAA about a future exhibit.


Sheila said...

Wow... Have fun this afternoon. You're doing things I only dream about now. I like how you add things after you 'think' you're finished. Good to know 'REAL' artists do that too.

Tracey Clarke said...

What is a "real" artist?! Don't buy that line of thinking, Sheila!
You are an artist! Repeat after me, "I am an artist!"