Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Yesterday's Painting

Now we're rolling......I wasn't quite sure of the size of the birds yesterday. This obsessive thought created an unsettled mood most of last evening.

My left brain states in this manner: "Shouldn't the birds be the appropriate size in relation to the actual size of the baboon? You need to take out your ruler, measure and adjust accordingly." Blah, blah, blah. Somebody shut that thing up!

Being an equally left and right brained person, this surely is the source of my madness. This morning on first viewing my right brain cheerfully answered the annoying question with:
"Its called make believe, Tracey! All of it! Not any of it is really real! How 'bout that?!"
So, as of Wednesday morning the birds remain as they are.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Imagination is the hallmark of your work, yet you execute it so realistically! I'm glad you were able to "let" the birds be whatever size they wanted to be. The painting is coming along wonderfully.

sam said...

Tracey I think Elizabeth is right. Your work is breathtaking, you can see the care and skill, they have a wonderful dreamy quality to them-well done!