Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Music and Painting

Music is such a huge catalyst for my own creativity. I was reminded of that Sunday night watching Radiohead and Coldplay on the Grammy's. I have heard every possible mantra about listening to music (or not) when doing creative work. One guy insists that artists should listen exclusively to classical music because of the lack of words which he believes interferes with right brain waves. Another claims silence is the ultimate companion. Even musicians follow the same lines of thought, many feeling that listening to a lot of music contributes to their work, others feel it is intrusive and go on musical fasts at various times.

I have been almost exclusively listening to Shearwater with a few slices of Bon Iver in between for many months. For me abstract words and non-linear lyrical structure really stir the creative pot. The lot of paintings that have come out of my recent musical companions has been really strong. There is something in the meshing of the music, particularly Shearwater, and words that expands my creativity in a manner that is difficult to articulate, but I feel and see the result.


Sheila said...

I agree with the creativity and music connection. I really like to crank it up when I'm "in the groove" of something I'm working on.

Douglas Hoover said...

Music is essential. I totally agree, Tracey. Thanks so much for the heads-up on Shearwater. When I'm painting, I'm almost always listening to Lanterna, great music for a road trip as well. Hardly any lyrics and when there are, they're indecipherable. It really does expand the creativity. New ideas and concepts seem to come easily.