Friday, February 06, 2009

It is time you all see the true madness that is Tracey Clarke when it comes to oil painting.
So, way back, losing several days work here at the end of the week. It has been a rather frustrating day. I went for a run after throwing a few things this morning (don't tell me you guys don't do that, too) and came back fearful of confronting my mess. In hindsight (why can't it ever be foresight?) I failed to listen to my gut and not only painted the birds too large but also chose the wrong birds.

In painting over the birds I have to repaint the background, so all the transitions have to be reworked from left to right. I am only fairly certain I have completed the left side. It will have to wait until tomorrow to be sure. Because of the crap afternoon light, the right side is way off in color.

Man, do you ever just have one of those days?..... I give myself a headache.

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Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

You are not alone. We all have those days....hopefully not too many of them.