Thursday, February 05, 2009

Painting Update

More fun at Michael's today after a morning coffee with a friend. I haven't been in some time and needed a can of picture varnish. It wasn't until I got home that I realized I picked up retouch varnish. After the long check out line of little elderly ladies buying fake greenery, I am terribly resistant to returning for an exchange and repeat. I do have a few cans of Soluvar around , so will have to use that in a pinch. "Chosen" is going to its new owner this weekend and needs varnish. It is about 30 degrees out today, so this will be an interesting project.

I felt the necessity to walk away from my current painting today. I feel rather frustrated and see that I must take a few steps back in the process. Throughout the afternoon I have walked into the studio for one thing or another and glanced over at the easel. My response is an emotional one, first of awe at what I see coming to life on the canvas, the second is dread over the elements that have to go or be reworked. Can I pull it off?......

Another issue pressing me is the studio lighting, which is poor. A string of headaches in the afternoon alert me to this problem. I understand that this can be easily remedied. If anyone in my artist family has any ideas or would like to share their own lighting situation I am sure I would be greatly helped.


sam said...

I know artists try to get North facing studios to have consistent light... but they are very lucky! I used to have the same problem with the light shining on your work (or in your eyes) and it gives you headaches. The solution for me is to cover the windows completely. Make the room dark and have a few "Daylight simulation" bulbs in the room. They may have a different name in the US. Its a wonderful situation to have(if you can work like that) and makes sure that you get consistent light all day.
Good luck!

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

You asked about lighting. In my studio I have at least one extra light attached to each work table. The kind with those adjustable arms so I can position the light over the work area where I need it.

My best investment is the Ott-Lite floor lamp; it's on rollers and I can maneuver it to any of my work tables. The light it provides is like super charged sun light and works really well for letting me see the details in the glass. I don't know if they sell the exact model I have anymore, but I found this one as an example: