Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Revised Artist Statement

Write an artist statement is hard, right? You have to put words to all the intuitive ways you move in your work. I worked on mine today after getting a proposal rejection.
Here it is. I covet any thoughts or feedback from my artist family (i.e. is it coherent? does it seem complete? good opening and closing?..you get the idea.)

"As a child my three ring binder full of drawings of horses was a prized possession. To me, horses had a mystical almost phantom-like quality I was drawn to from an early age. I became transfixed just seeing one in an open field from the car window. Today, I recognize this mark in all animals as the fingerprint of the infinite imagination of the Creator. In my experience, there is a creative communion that takes place between me and God when painting or in the presence of animals.

With animals as my subjects, I discover great freedom in employing my own imagination as a catalyst for new mythology. My paintings pair dramatic images and short narratives to set the stage with a surreal and timeless atmosphere as inspiration for this new mythology. I invite the viewer to continue the journey by finding a story in their own imagination.

A painting begins in my mind with a word, a string of words or a clear image that appears like a dream. I am an oil painter."


Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Wow Tracey. I find your Artist Statement to be powerful and poignant.

The visions your words created in my minds' eye were very dramatic. I and love the way you ended with the statement "I am an oil painter". An excellent statement of fact.

I think it is coherent. I'm not sure I would modify it at all.

sam said...

Hi Tracey! I think you have given some good information about your background,ideas and inspirations. Im not sure about the last paragraph and its placement. I dont think it would be wrong for you to include some details about how important music is, and the role it plays in your creativity.
Importantly it reads very well and I think anyone could get a real indication of your painting style. Well done!

Sheila said...

I really love reading the Genesis of your creative process and then invite the viewer to take part in the result. I'm sold but then, all I had to do was look at your beautiful work.

Douglas Hoover said...

I agree that writing an artist statement isn't easy. But you've done a great job here. I think your first paragraph is perfect. Referencing your childhood and how your experiences from that time are still relevant. The second and third paragraph explains you very well. Being familiar with your paintings, I see your paintings in your words. Does that make sense?

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Tracey I read your statement several times, hoping to find something I could give you some (unexpert)'constructive criticsm' on. But I couldn't find a thing! Based on what I've read about what statements should be, I think you've got it just right.

I've tagged you on my blog post today (2/14) - check it out, I hope you'll get a chance to do your 'tagee duties'!