Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the Easel

OK, so I thought I was done with the head, but I lied. So, a few details and punches up in the highlights today. Here is a close up. Difficult go at photo'ing on a rainy day, but pretty darn true other that that glare at the top. I am getting my memory elements compiled, too, and hope to be on that tomorrow.

Today, I also researched a handful of new ideas and am really excited about what's next.
How do you get your ideas for paintings?

What to do with Pen.....Is she done?

(these are not rhetorical questions, all.)


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hey Tracey!

Well, the highlights literally brought this beautiful buck to life for me. Yowser girl, you sure can paint! ;)

To answer your question about Pen, I sort of expect to see you do something like you did with The Guide or The Flowering Bull. It seemed like something came to you for those paintings and when you added the last touches, they went from awesome to beyond brilliant. Does that make sense?

However, you are the artist and I am a fan. Pen is dazzling as she is right now too. You know what is best.

Sheila said...

Tracey you are such a master (mistress?) of light. So beautifully dramatic with this painting and with Pen.

As for Pen, it is telling all of what you want it to say? I'm loving how the red beak is like a scarlet gash stabbing into a velvet sculpture.

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous. The lighting is wonderful. The background is very angelic in how it was rendered.