Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today's Pianting

I started two new paintings today. This is the background for another scene from the Spring Revolt (Diamond being the instigator.) I thought it would make for an interesting and fitting background if the sky is distorted. Thank you photo shop. On my way.

The other is called "Unikoi." You can guess what that one will be in my world. Sort of my own take on "Unicorn." It's a bit cheeky, yes.

Unicorns ore THE most recognisable word and image in mythology, though they aren't present in Greek myth. Greeks were convinced that they did exist in reality somewhere in India. And there were other supposed accounts throughout ancient history and they had great significance in various cultures. I have a mind to paint what the account describe, which is differnet than what we have been exposd to. Unfortunately, most of us think of a cartoon when we hear the word "unicorn." Because we are ruined. It's the same reason we hear Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody and think "That's that Bugs Bunny song!"


Sheila said...

Very cool that you're going to be working on one of the best and most bastardized mythological creatures the unicorn.

I have to tell you when I read, 'unikoi' I had my Japanese brain activated and was reading "eel-fish".

Interesting to see what you're envisioning o' creative one...

Kathleen Krucoff said...

I can't wait to see what happens next.

How cool that Sheila's was able to take Pen to the next level.

Both of you are remarkable women.