Sunday, March 29, 2009

What's that Painting?

"Sitting Bull Returns" at the Drive-In
1976, Willard Midgette (about 11 ft x 9 ft)

Willard Midgette was an American realist painter and print maker. I can't find a lot about him and it may be because unfortunately he died at the age of 40 from a brain tumor. The painting is in storage at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. I am going to research a bit more and see what I can come up with on our artist brother, Willard Midgette.

So, it is later on Sunday evening. I had very little luck in finding much about Willard except that he did quite a few large works focused on Native American life. Sheila seems to know who he is, but I have never heard of him. Not only did I find a lack on info on him, but I could not find any images of his other work, either.


DEB said...

What a great painting! It is unfortunate he didn't live to create many more.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

How cool--I look forward to hearing more.

Sheila said...

I've never seen this painting. [okay so I've only taken one Art History course] I'm loving that you are taking the time to expand my stunted exposure to great artists like Midgette. Thanks Tracey!

Peter B. Ives said...

Midgette was in the Artist-in-Residence Program at Roswell, NM when my mother worked at the Roswell Museum and Art Center. A similarly-themed and amazing painting of his is an enormous 9' x 25' one called Pow Wow. It has a wonderful cast of characters from the drummers and competing dancers in the spotlight to a motley assortment of spectators in the shadowed perimeter. One of my favorite post-war works. It's in the Museum's permanent collection and usually on display. Also, Wikipedia does have a brief entry on him.