Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Painting and Reading

We finally made the jump to turn off the cable TV, which really is essentially a time waster; let's be honest. I have been reading more at night (as long as it isn't LOST night.) I finished up "The Artist's Mentor." Artists say many weird things that don't make any sense. I read a lot of quotes and came away with a "what??" I am not sure that this book has been as much a mentor as it was an amusement.

So, last night I read more of "The Widening Stream: The Seven Stages of Creativity" by creativity guru David Ulrich. This is a good book, though I am sure I am not deep enough to get most of it's contents. I do have a few "what??" moments with this one, too. Maybe its me.

Chapter four is about coming away from the work by retreating and withdrawing. This is something I have experienced lately and with much angst. In a product oriented society, we are steeped in the ultimate value of doing something that produces and we feel something is really wrong if we aren't on this track all the time. Having to walk away from work that isn't moving forward is a good thing giving us time to refocus and reflect. Good words and a lost art, this meditating and reflecting, right? I have to remind myself repeatedly "quality over quantity."

I am exceptionally tired today and have spent the morning doing things like this. Will I paint today?....

From yesterday. I feel really good about the head and have laid in the first color masses in the antlers.


Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Hey Tracey,

Well as the painting of the buck proceeds, I find this just breathtaking. Literally, I inhaled deeply when I first saw him.

Thanks too for sharing your latest readings. It does seem wise to take a step back and reflect on what one is working on. I think it helps me a lot do to this, but as you know, I feel a certain self-imposed pressure to produce and build that inventory too. If I rush, the work suffers. I'll need to look for Ulrich's book you mentioned...sounds like it would be insightful.

sam said...

Hey Tracey, you know i looked at the first stage of this and thought-"I wonder why she has the head so far down the painting" and today voila! because of the antlers stupid Sam. Its looking really good, I love the shine you have on it