Friday, March 27, 2009

Thoughts on the Stag painting

Sometimes I find that ideas come very quickly. Over the last day or so I have received this lovely bunch of ideas that I am eager to get on. But I find this happening can take my attention away from paintings in progress. It is the tyranny of the "next shiny thing" syndrome.

In thinking about the stag, I am gathering elements of nature to begin laying in. Memories. I am chewing on how powerful nature is in triggering memories, in carrying those memories over our lifetimes like containers. Most of us make deep connections in nature and the power of those connections is transcendent. Pieces and occurrences that have always been, before we were. Seeing certain objects take us to a place we know we have been before and we connect with others over history knowing that they have seen these elements of nature, too, and had memories connected to them. I want to create that effect in my mythological world among the animals.


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Powerful stuff Tracey. Profound, powerful...had to say that again.

Your comment about most of us making deep connections in nature...YES! I wholeheartedly agree, but I suspect you know that about me. And I was literally struck by your statement "Pieces and occurrences that have always been, before we were." I have thought this many times, especially when I've been at Yellowstone or the Tetons...all the people, the animals, that were there before us and took in the beauty of that place. Wow. Thanks.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

I know exactly what you mean about the next shiny thing! But I do find that there is a reason that I am not progressing on one painting, and I am lucky to have some room to have several going at once. It gives me some space to step back from the one and go at something new with enthusiasm. I cannot think of a painting project that I didn't get back to eventually, and then I had the inspiration about how it should finish. The flip side is...if I don't go ahead and follow up on some of the ideas I have, they disappear like smoke in my head!

Good luck on working through it all. What a journey, huh!?