Monday, June 29, 2009

Artomatic Saturday

We finally had the opportunity to go to Artomatic as patrons on Saturday. Friends Chris and Kari Mercer, with Sophie and unnamed baby number two, joined us for lunch and a few hours to view the artwork. I think the only floor we haven't visited yet is the ninth.

A few stand outs are Joseph Hale and Michael Boone (hit the "paintings" links.) In particular Hale's artist statement resonates with me. He has only one large painting in his space that I keep returning to look at each time I am at AOM. Unfortunately, it isn't on his website.

On a light note, here is one artist's display with a spin on China's terra-cotta warriors:

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Sheila said...

LOL!!!! The sculptures are great. It's mind boggling that you have 9 floors of an art show. I'm so envious!

Thanks for linking the artist's websites.