Friday, June 05, 2009

On the Easel: "Phobetor"

This is the beginning stage of "Phobetor." It was important to get the masses laid in before the weekend. That is a tarsier sitting on his head, sort of a beautifully creepy kind of asian monkey.

For those of you who need a brush up on your Greek myth, Phobetor is one of the the Oneiri, who were the sons of Hypnos, god of sleep. Phobetor, or Icelus, was the personification of animals in dreams.

I am off to my first voluneer shift at Artomatic tomorrow. Have a great weekend, everyone, And as always many thanks for your great encouragement and comments.


DEB said...

I could use a god of sleep! Best wishes for a very successful Artomatic! I hope all of your animals sell. You do beautiful work, Tracey!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Goodness Tracey...thanks for the detail and explanation. I can see another wonderful piece evolving!

Have a fun day with your shift at Artomatic. I think it will be wonderful for people to meet you and discuss your work.

Sheila said...

Very cool and thank you for enlightening me on the Greek myths. Wishing you continued success at Artomatic!

Dean Grey said...

This is looking awesome, Tracey!

Your style is shining through and it's not even completed yet!

I LOVE Greek Mythology and I appreciate you incorporating the theme of Phobetor in this painting (as well as the explanation).

So very cool!


L.Holm said...

Love this! I'm glad you explained the mythology. Looking forward to seeing the tarsier, too!