Sunday, June 07, 2009

Richard J. Bailey

For my first volunteer shift at Artomatic Saturday, I was able to be on the same floor that my work is on. I worked at the information table with the multi-talented, amazing Richard J. Bailey. Richard is a NYC artist who is making the transition to D.C. I felt an immediate connection with him and had a wonderful afternoon working together (well, mostly talking...and directing people to the bathrooms...) Please visit his fantastic work linked above. His Artomatic wall is the most creative use of space I have seen this year.

Thanks to all my friends for coming down to see me.....

my "brothers", Mike and Chris....


Anonymous said...

I saw your work at Artomatic yesterday. It is all so wonderful but, The Age of the drowning of Sorrows was my favorite of the ones you had on display. = D

L.Holm said...

Fun to have someone you click with to 'floor/gallery' sit! Richard Bailey's work is wild! Reminds me a bit of Edward Gorey. Very cool space. Love the door,too.

Dean Grey said...


Thanks for the link to Richard's work. Just checked out his website now. He has such a wonderful style. Whimsical, dark, cartoony, and definitely illustrative.

Love it!

What a clever way he decorated his booth space. It looks like a cozy nook in someone's house!

I'm glad it sounds like things are running well over there!