Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sad Morning....

Coming home from an errand this morning, I spotted a black dog next to the road. Doubling back, I hit my hazards and got out of the car. There was the saddest dirty, scrawny chow mix I may have ever seen. My vet-tech training began to surface automatically even though it has been years since practicing. Calling Craig at work he gave the the go-head to take him to the emergency hospital if I could somehow get him. My amazing husband said, "we will work out something to pay for it...a payment plan."

To my surprise, when I whistled, he came toward me and I assessed he had experienced a traumatic injury at some time, probably via car. He followed me at a distance as I walked back to my car, and he then kept walking. I hurried home, just yards away, to get a leash. I found him again in the wooded path behind our complex and again he came toward me when I whistled stopping just short of my hand. It was then that I realized I forgot to bring food, which is the most important offering to have if you are trying to rescue an animal. Stupid, Tracey! I tried anyway, but as soon as he heard the slightest sound of the chain, he hurried off. Calling him again, I walked back toward home. He really wanted to trust me but just couldn't bring himself to and walked off in the other direction. Defeated I walked home. With each step I became angrier, because I forgot the food and it was obvious by his reaction to the leash that someone had mistreated him. I could smell the food from the various restaurants across the street and wondered what it must be like for him to inhale those lovely odors and not be able to get to any of it.

Back home I put on my muck boots, grabbed a can of Reuben's Wellness and a fork and headed back to the woods. If I can't get him, at least his belly will be filled. Whistling as I went along, I circled three times, but he was gone. Back home I made the decision to report him to animal control. At least he MAY have chance if they pick him up, but I realize it is unlikely, just as it is unlikely he will survive on his own.

I cannot tell you all how heartbroken I am this morning over this dog. And angry. Because of lack of responsibility and respect for God's creation, a sickly, injured, terrified dog is wandering around waiting to get hit by a car or starve to death. I hope the officer can find him before it is too late.


Sheila said...

Animals are such precious souls and as close as they can connect with humans it is so frustrating we cannot verbally reason or reassure them. I know you Tracey and you had the best intentions and based on your vet tech experience your body language was perfect in approaching him. Don't beat yourself up about the food, many people wouldn't have given the fearful chow a second look. Bless you and your wonderful hubby for even accepting to take on vet bills. We need more good souls like you two.

Gwen Bell said...

That poor dog. You did everything you could do. The good news is perhaps since he is close to home you will get a 2nd chance. If not, hopefully, you can have peace in knowing that his last contact with humans was a kind one. Animals are so intuitive and I know he picked up on the love and strong concern you had for him. I don't think he would have responded to you as much as he did otherwise. You are a good person, Tracey(((hug))), and what a wonderfully supportive husband you have!

DoAn said...

Sometimes generosity of spirit, such as your, with caring intentions is enough to sooth the spirit of a frightened animal (or person). I believe such things come to us for a reason, we may not know the reason, and it could be something as simple as having that dog know there are good people out there, before (and if) it passes on to the next world.
I think, the best thing for you to find the healing in this is to paint or draw, or to do something creative, as it is your healing gift for the world and yourself.

DEB said...

Tracey, I don't know if I would have had the courage to approach an animal like you did - not knowing if they were diseased or might attack. You tried, and I bet someone does find the dog. If he's wanting to trust someone that much, I bet he finds his way to the back of one of those restaurants for scraps.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Sheila has said it so well. I agree with her completely and please don't beat yourself up. It's because of kind souls like yourself that you raise awareness and do everything you can to help animals. God bless.

Cagney Studio 8 said...

Wow. Thank you for giving me a glimpse even deeper into your beauty as a human. I recently rescued a Chihuahua, and your story brought back all the sadness and anger - mostly sadness...that all that exist on this earth are not given the same chance. You are a hero...blessed with a smiling heart.

L.Holm said...

Hi - stopping in here, too...any sight or word of him again?

Dean Grey said...


Please don't beat yourself over this!

You made several REAL efforts to help this dog. Not many people can say that. Think of how many would keep on driving.

You did the best you could and reacted in the heat of the moment. Forgetting food was understandable.

If anything, maybe some other kind soul spotted this dog later on and got it the proper help and attention it needed.

You are awesome, Tracey!!


The Accessory Lady said...

It was so good of you to try! I hope he was found safely too.