Sunday, June 14, 2009

He Bears Repeating....

I have posted about the brilliant Richard J. Bailey before and I am going to do it again. He illustrated and wrote a book called "The Needful Head" that has actually been made into a short film. Be amazed at this amazingness....(that is now a word!) We have become fast friends and saw him again last night at Meet the Artist Night at Artomatic where he showed me his sketchbook and a few pieces he is working on. OK, what is another word for "amazing?"...They are so creative and beautiful...I just don't have words. I do believe he has signed copes available if you are so inclined.

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R. Bailey said...

I have to say this woman is absolutely fabulous, wonderfully talented as well, and I am genuinely touched by her response to my work; it means a great deal from such an extraordinary fellow artist. And everywhere she goes, people with amazing energy seem to flock! Thanks to all of you for dropping by Artomatic!! Looking forward to July 4th, when Tracey and I are once again *coincidentally* scheduled to work togther. xo RJB