Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Push and Pull

Monday. I feel sort of a slowing down, a pacing, coming on as we have worked hard to prepare for Artomatic and now move into the third week of the show. There has been so much energy expended between AOM, thinking about and painting for upcoming fall shows, naturally I am in a funky mood today. I don't want to paint. Today. I feel a need to take a few steps back. And I don't normally paint everyday, but am ALWAYS thinking about it in many facets, and often have trouble "turning off" from mulling over my painting.
Realizing that I have seriously neglected my home, I was glad to get into that the cleaning/organizing nut head space this weekend (which even that I do in a creative way...there is no escape!)
After a last minute coffee with a struggling friend, I ran off to the thrift store (Monday is 30% off day!)
I guess I should go paint, huh?...Maybe I need to organize my drawers......paint drawers. Does that count?


L.Holm said...

Organizing my "space" always helps me clear my head and opens way for new work, new ideas, renewed energy. I don't do it often enough! Painting drawers counts! : -)

Sheila said...

painting is painting...hugs!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Even mulling is a creative process. You know it all goes in to the finished product. Don't stress, declutter and rest! You've been working hard!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Well, I think painting drawers sort of counts. ;) Sometimes I think our brains force us to take a bit of a breather.

I too need to tackle the house cleaning. After a great weekend, I need to reclaim the house as I didn't have time to do it before I left. I like your statement about cleaning and organizing in a creative way. I need to give that a try and maybe I will enjoy the tasks more.

DEB said...

Painting drawers DOES count...especially if you do a little tole!