Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today's Painting: Luna Moth

Last night we took Reuben for a walk to the park across the street. We let him go mental on the field, which usually lasts about three minutes. The benefit of having a giant breed dog is that they are low energy, have only sparks of craziness and then are ready for bed.

While I was watching him do the crazy dog, I saw a white object on the ground and walked over to discover a luna moth. I am not sure if Reubs stepped in it or not, but it was in bad shape. It ma have just been at the end of life. How sad to see a creature so exquisitely beautiful and delicate missing a wing, nearly shredded on the ground. I brought him home and made a painting of him today. I was reminded of the tenderness of God that He could make such a fragile thing. He died sometime during the painting.

Luna moths only live for a week and their only purpose is to mate. They don't have a mouth so do not eat once in the moth stage. The one I found is a male, which have bushier antennae than the female.


Bonnielynn said...

As with all of your work, the Luna Moth is absolutely stunning.
Isn't it nice to have a painting fall in place instead of laboring over it like you did with the Dream of the Lost Southern Gypsy.

Great job !

DoAn said...

What a lovely ceremony for the passing of this beautiful creature's spirit. To paint it as its spirit moves from one world to another is so powerful and healing, like the ancient practice of keening at the death of a loved one.

Gwen Bell said...

This is so beautiful. Thank you for the Luna Moth Facts. Very interesting.
I think his missing wing makes him fit in with your work all the more.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Now, he's beautifully preserved forever by your painting. It is lovely.

L.Holm said...

This is beautiful, Tracey. Your commentary is a wake-up to how fragile and relatively short our lives on earth are. Gives me that heart-squeeze.
Loved your description of Reuben's romp, too! Can picture him--happy giant dog!

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

His beauty lives on in your painting... I'm sure he sensed somehow that you were trying to help him.

DEB said...

How pretty! They are striking in real life. You captured that so well here.