Wednesday, June 10, 2009


After sitting in Panera for three hours this morning with my friend, Diana, I drove home thinking how vital it is that we are careful not to surround ourselves with people who mirror us. Diana and Greg have four kids that they home school. I have two cats and a ginormous dog. She is very conservative and politically minded, I am more moderate and politics make me sleepy. But we connect. I have learned that part of being an adult is to be OK with others being different from us and finding common ground.

Anyway, so back home I decided to work on my narratives, which I have woefully neglected in my painting frenzy.
New words for Nee, Pen, The Flowering Bull, and a short and to the point line for Liar.


L.Holm said...

Such a timely post as I'm listening to the news from the Holocaust Museum shooting. If only we could learn to get along.

DEB said...

I have 3 teens and we have two bunnies. I abhor politics - really...Politicians make my skin crawl. Being in D.C. I can't avoid it, but I try. And I can honestly say I've never tried to work on a narrative. I think as long as people have open hearts, you can get along with anybody. Of course, I just hung up on a mom who called to yell at me because my daughter bought $4 worth of flowers from Home Depot for a project-I made her use her own money because they could have chosen free options, and then charged her partner on the project $2. That's my nice to everybody and hang up on the ones that have PMS.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Great posts and I agree, it's good to have diversity in our friendships...for me that makes it fun.

Absolutely love your narratives; they help captivate and provide a glimpse into each painting. The one for Liar is classic! :)