Saturday, May 23, 2009

Artomatic Installation

Yesterday, we installed at Artomatic. I am still quite under the weather, so it was a challenge.
A few more minor details to take care of and we will be ready for opening day on the 29th.

applying vinyl lettering

measuring to hang

finished installation

some of the other artists spaces


Sheila said...

ah... you're is the best looking space out of the group you showed me so far. Cool, classy, understated so it highlights your beautiful work. Hope you feel well soon. Now go rest.

DEB said...

Your space looks great! Tracey, where is this exhibition? Do you have link to a website describing the event?

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Amazing! I just love the look and feel of the installation. And you have three of my favorite horse paintings too. It goes without saying, but I hope this is a tremendous success for you...well deserved.

Hope you get back to feeling 100% again soon.

L.Holm said...

The space and your work looks fantastic, Tracey.
Sending good thoughts for health and success. :-)

Gwen Bell said...

The display looks wonderful. Love the way it is understated and all about the beautiful ART. A project that size is energy draining even in the best of health so I know you're glad to have it assembled.
I'm sending some healing thoughts your way.

hwfarber said...

I will encourage all my old friends from the Washington area to visit Artomatic--looks exciting.

Dean Grey said...


I love the look of the lettering you used. "New Mythology". Great choice of words and it fits perfectly with your work.

Nice selection of art too!

I love the ram in the middle. The one on the far right with the butterflies on the animal's neck is just plain awesome! It's your strongest piece of that bunch IMHO.

I hope you do really well at Artomatic! It'll be interesting to hear what people say in your guestbook.