Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Painting and Stuff...

I managed to start a new painting yesterday, and though only a few hours in, it is coming along. I feel more like myself, now, after so much focus on getting ready for Artomatic. Not that the prep is over, mind you.

I got a shout out on the Artomatic Blog yesterday and my site is up on the D.C. Week for the Animals site under the partners and sponsors sidebar. So, lots of coolness happening around here. We like coolness.


DoAn said...

It is an amazing thing when you sit down to paint after being away from it. Sometimes the business side of art demands some attention, but having that time away from painting is like going through withdrawal. I need my fix!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Tracey!
Nice to see your new work...lookin' good. :)

And congrats for the mentions on the various sites. Good to see all the wonderful things coming your way.

Sheila said...

You're one cool chick, even cooler with all those cool things happenin' right now. Love the look of this predatory bird.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Coolness rocks! Love your new beginning painting!

Dean Grey said...


Great news about the Artomatic blog. Cool indeed!

Another great painting. Off to a very, very strong start if I do say so myself!