Monday, May 04, 2009

""Exile of the Black Horse

I received an amazing comment about one of my paintings today. Jeff said:

"Love your work, especially 'Exile of the black horse', the poem below complements the work beautifully! Must be my mind state, but it expresses something i feel when i visit the battlefields of Normandy each year....."

I am fascinated by that. The battlefields of Normandy.
I am channeling into something, which I long for in my work, beyond pretty pictures.
Soli Deo Gloria.....that's all I can say.


Sheila said...

Wow..... that is my one day evoke powerful emotion with my work. You're my idol!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hey Tracey,

I've always like this one. Your horses have a sense of magnificence/power to them.

And I do feel that your paintings convey more that just pretty pictures. As far as I'm concerned you are well on your way to conveying something more than just the image you painted!

Dean Grey said...

Another amazing painting, Tracey!

This feels very romantic, magical, and even a bit sinister!

I love the slightly distorted, twisted bridge of the horse's nose.

The mysterious feather, the fireflies (or bits of magic?), and the shadowed face of the horse all make for a very moody and thought-provoking painting.

Just awesome!


L.Holm said...

that is an amazing comment. I just read your story for "exile..." The feeling could fit for any battlefield across the globe or across time. pretty pictures? way beyond. mythic, beautiful and truthful, yes. Deus Caritas Est

howz the varnishing going? :-)