Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Over a period of a few years, the figure has disappeared from my painting. I have thought a lot about this over the months wondering why animals have become the centerpiece of my life's work. In my artist statement, I speak of a love affair with animals from an early age:

"As a child, my three-ring binder full of drawings of horses was a prized possession. In my mind, horses have a mystical, almost phantom-like quality that I became drawn to from an early age. I became transfixed just seeing one in an open field. Today, I recognize this mark in all animals as the fingerprint of the infinite imagination of the Creator. There is a kind of communion that takes place between me and God when painting or in the presence of animals."

Even reading it now, there is a sense of incompleteness to those words, something deeper that I cannot seem to excavate. I suppose it is a journey of sorts and as I find out more about myself, which I believe is expressed in choice of subject, I then understand the connection increasingly. It is very much like peeling an onion. The intimacy with which I feel connected to the work can be very overwhelming. Why? Such mysteries of the human soul.......

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night after seeing a film short about the fate of racehorses once their careers are over, and I feel rather heavy-hearted and introspective today. I see inconsistencies in myself and asking some very hard questions has been a long time coming. Information is power, but it is also often quite painful.

With Dunny


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Your bond with animals is a gift, as is your art.

It may sound strange, but I know I can look into an animal's eyes and see their soul. It's rare when I see nothing there...most of the time I can see what is in their heart. I have always had this connection with dogs in particular.

I think you share this special connection with many animals.

Dean Grey said...


This post reminds me so much of your other blog, Helium Burden.

You mentioned something similar to this post on that blog so I'll give you a similar answer.

You're someone whose in tune with nature, specifically animals. It's no wonder to me that you feel closer to animals than people. That's so evident in your artwork.

Maybe you were a wild steed in another life that is reminding you of times long past.

And I've got to say it....for a gal in her forties, you look great!!

Love those boots! Badass, confident, and cool all rolled into one!

Don't mess with Tracey!!


Sheila said...

Dunny is so beautiful. I'm working with my local to help our Bay Area Race horses. I think this org started back east Tracey.

L.Holm said...

A beautiful shot of the two of you. Your ability to tap into the deeply-rooted connection many of us feel with animals but are hard-pressed to express is one of the gifts that makes you and your work so extraordinary.
(that was a long sentence). In short: you rock, Tracey!

I was thinking last week about Sheila's earlier post on the racing industry and the fate of many of the horses, and felt conflicted about my joy when the filly won the Preakness this year. I cheered her on. Then was wondering if I shouldn't have been enjoying the race.

sam said...

You know how I feel about animals Tracey, I would be lost without them. Its great that you like to explore the deeper connection you have with them in your work, and your paintings look very powerful because of it.