Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Documentary Film about Women Artists

"Who Does She Think She Is?" is an independent film by director Pamela Boll about women artists and their struggle as females in the arts balancing their creative work with their personal lives. We all know of the horrible lack of recognition of women artists over the course of history, and though we might think that has changed in our current culture, it is telling that random people asked could not name five female artists. Have a look at the trailer.


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Tracey,

What a timely post for me. Thank you.

My struggles with the balancing act isn't going very well tonight. I will improve that over the next couple of days.

Sheila said...

What a great documentary this is going to be. I wonder if the fact the men have dominated the art world has anything to do with them being the primary breadwinners until recently. The weight of the scales will start moving toward us.

Janie Chu said...

This is REALLY timely and incredibly relevant. Thanks for informing us - I look forward to seeing it.

Mona said...

Tracey, once a woman colleague of mine wrote a complaint letter to the person in charge of an all-male jury that juried an illustration competition and chose only men! She has enough talent and clout that they really could not argue her point successfully, yet the response indicated that they wished more women would 'enter the competition'! Meanwhile, I had been entering this particular competition for over 20 years, without being included in the exhibition a single time.

Thank you for sharing about this important documentary.