Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tired Tuesday

Portraiture is a dimension of art that has never really fleshed out for me. I get a portrait commision maybe twice a year. Still under the weather, so I am just going through an organizing images this morning. I am sure I will be off to bed again shortly with my Kleenex and Cold-eeze. Some of these portraits I really love so for a post today, here are a few.






Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Tracey,

I love your pet portraits...we'll get together on that for one of our Newton....hopefully this year!

Hope you get on the mend quickly. Rest and sleep definitely help accelerate that process for me....hope that does the same for you.


Sheila said...

You're portraits are as dramatic and awesome as your current works. I can see how your current style evolved from these portraits. I especially love West. I hope you feel better soon my friend.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Love these, Tracey! I can see so much of the personality in each portrait.

Feel better!

L.Holm said...

You are phenomenal. Love these. Particularly love the profile of Romeo. makes my heart ache, and the beautiful light and classic pose of Lucca. Contemporary icon (and love the flag!).

Feel better, Tracey.

Mona said...

Lovely portrayals. I am partial to Daisy's winning eyes.

One thing that helps me through a sore throat is the liquid herb "red root" if you can find it. Drop 30 drops into tea or hot water 4x a day.

sam said...

Hope you are feeling better today, great portraits in true Tracey Clarke style!

Gwen Bell said...

I love the simplicity of your portraits. You know just what to keep from your models. I like the way each one has something defining...the little Italian tag on "Lucca" (digging the red background and strong shadow on his face) Love the hidden eye on "West" and that mysterious darkness. The little daisy above that blue eye is such a feminine touch for "Daisy " and "Romeo" looks so regal in profile. I enjoy your work so much.

Dean Grey said...


I love these, Tracey!

You capture animals like no one else!

They all have a very human quality to them. A feeling of hurt and pain and isolation.

So damn unique!