Monday, May 18, 2009

Moody Monday

Fun Friday has turned to Moody Monday as I woke with a horrible sore throat. I was just thinking I got away with no sickness this season....thanks to Craig Clarke for passing the thing along.

We ran a bunch of errands on Saturday to wrap up preparations for Artomatic. I was loathe to spend a wad of cash on a table for the guest book and stumbled on a great antique table at Salvation Army for $10. A little stain and it looks brand new.

Ran by Kinko's for a a hard lesson on image dpi and probably need to re shoot all my work in RAW format. I love the fact that everything is digital now, but artists need a mini course to understand formatting and archiving images for posterity.

It's a weird day. If you have ever lost a close friend, you know how over the years when their name or the thought of them comes up here or there, it can throw you off. I feel thrown off today by stumbling across a photo of my friend from years ago. It is always a shock to be how painful it still is to think about. Matt died of a drug overdose back in 2002. Sore throat and old, bittersweet memories.....I need to lay low today. Feeling sort of blue.

Me and Matt, 1993


Sheila said...

Boy, you're having a hard day. Hunker down, take care of yourself. Drink plenty of tea with lemon and honey.

I'd say 2002 is still pretty recent for a traumatic loss like you had with Matt. I'm sorry your time with him was brief and the memory still pains you. HUGS!!!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Oh, sorry you are feeling blue and struggling with a sore throat.

Sheila is right, 2002 is still pretty recent...time heals, but I too wonder if certain aches from personal loss every really fade. Hang in there and take good care of yourself.

P.S. I love your comment about the violet series for me. Thx.

L.Holm said...

Ohhh, am sorry. Sweet picture of you with your dear friend. It is really tough to run across reminders--wonderful and painful at the same time.
Rest've been pushing yourself to get so much done. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Mona said...

So sorry about the loss of your dear friend Tracey.

Dean Grey said...


Sorry, I'm a bit behind on my comments here so I'm not catching this post until now.

Funny that you made having a bad day sound kind of cool. "Moody Mondays" has a nice ring to it!

Sore throats suck but I'm sure it's gone by now.

And sorry to hear about your friend, Matt. His photo may have triggered your "blues" but at least you got to know him for as long as you have, right?

Keep going strong, Tracey!