Friday, May 29, 2009

Why do art critics hate Artomatic?

Local artist, dealer, and curator extraordinaire, Lenny Campello, posted a great commentary on Artomatic, which opens today.


DEB said... I want to really make sure I get over there! My husband and I will be in Georgetown on July 2nd...I just wish there was a metro to southeast and we'd hop over for sure!

Gwen Bell said...

Great article. I guess Art Critics are a lot like Movie Critics. I usually like the ones they pan so what do they know?

The show sounds like a fantastic experience. Wish I was near DC. Would love to see an entire building full of art!

Dean Grey said...

I agree with what Lenny said as well.

Art critics are probably narrow minded and only think of one type of art as really being "art".

Ignore them, I say!