Saturday, May 09, 2009


Craig and I spent all day Friday down at M Street working on the Artomatic space. Two coats of primer, two coats of "Vulcan Gray." In two weeks, we install lights, artwork and lettering.

This is a really neat part of D.C. - close to Capitol Hill on the Anacostia River. It was once a really bad area, but has been redeveloped with condos and office buildings. A lot of them are empty because of the state of the economy, but once things pick up, it will be a hopping area.

I also uploaded a few cell phone videos of the space on YouTube. In one, I filmed a 360 from my space and in the other I walked all the way around the third floor pausing for a view of the Capitol. The sound is annoying, so if you have a look turn it down.

National's Park

Paint Master


Sheila said...

My computers been on the blink for the past couple of days. It's cool that you're helping out with the Animal World USA project.

Speaking of animals, I watched your 360 video [huge and cool space!!!] but I also viewed 'Mastiff asleep with toy in mouth.' Either you have a size 1 foot or that Mastiff of yours is HUGE!

L.Holm said...

Hard to envision that vast empty space is going to be filled in a few weeks. cool video. There don't seem to be that many partition walls. Do some artists bring their own panels?
nice hubby for helping to spackle and paint. :-)

sam said...

It looks a great space and location Tracey, I bet your getting excited now!

Dean Grey said...

Thanks for sharing the progress, Tracey!

Looks like things are coming along nicely.