Monday, May 04, 2009

Artomatic Update

Yesterday afternoon we headed down to Artomatic to putty my partition. Craig had to park 15 minutes down M Street at the Navy Yard. It is a well known fact that parking near Capitol Hill is a nightmare, not to mention that there was a Nationals game yesterday.
On Friday, we move on to priming and painting.
Crazy people going to the ballgame on a day like this. 180 degree turn from my site. The game ended getting called.

Yahhh! All done! (I must have been in a weird mood, because I work rather hard to appear more dignified than this normally.)
I am spending all day looking at my reference photo collection and going over any ideas with some solidity. I was offered an exhibit overlapping one already scheduled, so I am really feeling the crush! I have a lot to do but a well of great ideas, and this IS my day job, so I can swing it.
Oh, and then there is Artomatic which opens in a few weeks!


L.Holm said...

LOL. You're on a roll!! exhibit offers overlapping--fantastic! great photos--fun to see you havin' fun. :-)
You're defin. up to the challenge of the impending deadlines.

Sheila said...

Look how cute you can be. It's nice to see you can be involved in physical humor as well as insightful witticisms...

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Very cool. Love seeing your free spirit moment. Congrats on having overlapping exhibit offers...what a great 'problem' to have.

Dean Grey said...

Hooray, Tracey! Hoooorraaaayyy!!! (sorry, I got caught up in the excitement too!)

How nice that the Artomatic event is coming to fruition.


I don't understand why YOU have to putty and install your partition.

Don't the organizers of the event do that (should do that) for you? Why would the artists have to create and build there own booths? Shouldn't they just have to supply the artwork?

It sounds like the artists are basically doing everything!